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A reusable DNS resolver for .NET. You can reference this project in your libraries, but make sure it is also referenced in the startup project too, if this startup project is not project.json based (ie: has a packages.config file).
TakeIo.NetworkAddress is a small library to handle IP/Mask operations (network mask tasks), like matching same network address between two IPs and a network mask. It also handles parsing of IP/Mask input strings like "" or "", and handle IP range addresses like... More information
StatDNS allows you to perform DNS queries over HTTP, and to get reverse PTR records for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
Two deluxe IP address text boxes for WPF – one for IPv4 addresses and another for IPv6 addresses. Both text boxes prevent invalid IP addresses from being entered.
A suite of network communication classes for creating client and server applications. Includes high-performance Server, Tcp, Udp, Dns, and Ping classes, with support for IPv6 and SSL/TLS 1.0+ encryption. PowerTCP Sockets for .NET is a licensed product. If no development license is present, the... More information
Get geolocation information of IPv4 or IPv6 addresses through ipstack service. In order to use this module you need to get API access key from ipstack.com by signing up. (Currently 10000 requests/month free of charge) You can reach me at vbulach7@gmail.com. Credits: Icons made by Smashicons... More information