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Extension Methods for Json. Extending the magnificent Newtonsoft.Json, with a few extension methods I always end up needing.
Extension methods for Logging, using the ILogger interface from Microsoft.Extensions.Logging. This is additional logging extensions used in my projects. It is a supplement to the extension methods already in Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.Abstractions.
Extension Methods and Helper classes. Extension methods for string, object etc. used in my other projects, this NuGet package do not refer other Packages or Libraries. This library includes code that I have developed, copied from the internet and copied from a few friends. The intention of the... More information
Not in active development. I do not own this project. This is just a git mirror of the SVN repo. Git mirror of SVN repo at https://extensionoverflow.codeplex.com. Started from this Stackoverflow post: http://stackoverflow.com/q/271398/3286583.
The packages contains a library of extension methods which I have written over the years and used in various projects. Some of them are of great convenience and some are just for fun.
A library of interfaces, extension methods, and small bits of functionality that are useful in almost any software project, according to the theme "things that should be built into the .NET framework, but aren’t". At least half of Loyc.Essentials is devoted to collections: collection... More information
Random interface implemented with Cryptographically-Secure Pseudo-Random Number Generator. Everywhere you use System.Random, StrongRandom can be used now. Additionally missing boilerplate extensions for any Random: NextBool, NextChar, NextString etc. added. Strongly unit tested.
The Cuemon.Extensions.AspNetCore.Mvc.Formatters.Newtonsoft.Json namespace contains both types and extension methods that complements the Cuemon.Extensions.Newtonsoft.Json namespace while being an addition to the Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc namespace. Provides JSON formatters for ASP.NET Core that is... More information