Simplified fluent way for accessing a Redis cache now ThreadSafe by design RedisCacheManager: + GetOrDrill + GetOrDrillLong (30 min) + GetOrDrillShort (10 min) + Overwrite + Poison q: [1.5] - Added thread safety via lock per key - Added explicit Poisoning
[4.5, RT8, WP8, WP81] RssReader has a useful RssHelper module allowing you reading every standard RssFeed 2.0 or AtomPub in a simple way. Supports async/await pattern. Supports PRISM RDF Site Summary
[4.0, RT8, SL5, WP8.x] This lib adds some useful extension method to strings and IEnumerable<string> like: MakeAnagram, IsAnagramOf, ContainsAnagramOf, FindAnagramsFor, LevenshteinDistanceFrom, OrderByLevenshteinDistanceFrom q:
[4.0] TNX.CSV assembly adds features like CSV read/write Extensions and feature: + IEnumerable<T>.ToCsvStream + DataTable.ToCsvStream + IEnumerable<T>.ToCsvResponse (HttpResponse) + DataTable.ToCsvResponse (HttpResponse) + Stream.FromCsvDictionarly (enumerable of) + Stream.FromCsvDynamic... More information
[4.0, W8, WP8, SL] Useful extensions methods like: - SplitTo: split an enumerable in smaller enumerables - TakeAround: Task many items in the same IList, starting at the given position, for the given distance - TakeArgument: Takes the given argument value in the standard console-application format -... More information
CacheManager is an easy helper module allowing you using the Memory Cache with a lambda based notation - Short retention: 1 minute - Long retention: 30 minutes - 24H retention - Sliding retention - Thread-safe - Debug console trace for diagnostics ie:... More information
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ResolveIT is a powerful Extension Method allowing you to don't care about null values in an expression tree
A message consumer job implementation for RabbitMQ with built-in Json serialization of messages - ConsumeMessageAsync - ConsumeMessageAsync<T> q:
Base classes for creating ConsoleApplications acting as a runnable Job for eny scheduling system - ConsoleApplication q:
[4.0, WP8, W8] WorldDictionary is a useful helper module allowing you having access to the most dictionaries in the world. You can: - find an anagram - make an anagram - find the culture for a word - check the word for a given culture - iterate all words for a culture - iterate all words for all... More information
[4.5, RT8, WP8] NetworkHelper is a useful helper portable class allowing you making: GIS Localization of IP/domains, Resolve my internet IP, Resolve domain to IP, Get Whois data helper class name: NetworkHelper any question:
The easiest way to have fixed thread number parallelism in LINQ on any processor environment! int threadNum=32; [my IEnumerable].GridEach(threadNum, x=> DoWork(x)); q: