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Readers and writers for CSV and fixed-length file formats. Supports both synchronous and asynchronous operation, data annotations, and wicked fast object serialization.
Reads header information from JPEG’s such as, width & height dimensions (resolution). It only takes details from the jpeg headers. Making it fast, with low memory usage, because it does no image processing. Supports .Net standard 1.0 and above. No unsafe context code. Under MIT licence. Unit... More information
Lightweight .NET class for reading and writing fixed-width data files. Includes basic reader and writer class, and also generic classes that automatically map class properties to fixed-width fields. Includes many options to control the library's behavior. Now targets either .NET 5.0 or .NET Standard... More information
ひらがな・カタカナ・半角・全角変換できます。KanaConverter.ToHiragana("アイウ"). Convert japanese hiragana and katakana, half width(hankaku) and full width(zenkaku).