A simple way to Publish the values of a TC2/3 PLC variables to a MQTT Broker. To use just var adsMqtt = new Ads2Mqtt() and Start() and to configure it just use the NEL.AppConfig UI that automatically runs at runtime.
This is a MQTTnet wrapper. Usage example: Client = new MQTTClient(<settings>); Client.ClientConnected += (t, p) =>{ t.Subscribe<<your object>>(<topic>, (t, p) => { <code> }); };
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  • ads twincat NEL
Beckhoff.TwinCAT.Ads Wrapper. Currently it's only possible to Write on primitive symbols outside DUTs. In order to use just var tcClient = new TCClient(new TCClientConfig(<some alias>,<AmsNetId>,<symbol name filter>)); Connet() and it's ready to Read/Write symbols. It's also possible to un/register... More information
Easily configure your aplications using this package. Just var webConfig = new WebConfigurationManager(<Title>), Add pages and your configuration UI will be available at runtime accessing http://localhost:<port>/. All the configurations made on the UI are received by event on you application. Nested... More information
Simple way to capture MQTT payloads and save it on MongoDB organized by timestamp. To use just var m2m = new Mqtt2Mongo() and Start() and to configure it just access http://localhost:8081/ or use a custom port. [API Package for queries available]
Usage: just var config = new AppConfigurator(<Your App Name>) and config.AddConfiguration<<Your Object>>(new Your Object()); Then after using the embedded Client Configurator that runs on AppConfigurator Start(), only need to config.GetConfigurations<Your Object>(mqtt) and your objects will be... More information
This is the client of NEL.AppConfig.Host. This package can subscribe Log Entries and CRUD configurations. Usage: var AppClient = new AppConfiguratorClient(); AppClient.ConnectedToServer += AppClient_ConnectedToServer; AppClient.NewLogEntry += AppClient_NewLogEntry;
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This package is an API used to query NEL.Mqtt2Mongo database. Usage: Create an object Mqtt2MongoQueryable and all query options are available on the methods.