Commands simplifies coordination of asynchronous and synchronous activities. It works with both task and non-task-based operations. The library is built upon class Command, which represents an action. A Command may be run synchronously or asynchronously, and may be aborted. ParallelCommands, itself... More information
C# library related to collections, caching, file-based collections, sorting, searching, randomizing, and tasks. These include: Collections * MultiMap * OrderedDictionary * SinglyLinkedList * Cache * Counter * Pool * ConcurrentHashSet * Permutations * EnumerableExtensions (Minimum,... More information
Class for retrieving settings from app.config, optionally related to a type. A separate project exits for web.config files. Below is an example for a config file, which assumes the existence of class Base, as well as classes Buggy and Stable, which inherit from Base (all in the same assembly). In... More information