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This package contains everything you need to acces the Convertigo Mobile Backend as Service (MBaaS) for basic operations such as executing backend services and retreiving data in your mobile applications.
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  • last updated 6/30/2015
  • Latest version: 1.4.0
  • atumy mbaas
Atumy MBaaS .NET SDK (beta)
Backendless is a cloud-based serverless platform which significantly simplifies the process of development of web and mobile applications. This SDK provides the client-side APIs which you can use in your app to take advantage of the Backendless platform functionality. Your application can... More information
App Service Helpers makes enables you to bring the power of the cloud to your mobile apps. In just four lines of code, App Service Helpers automatically handles backend data access, online/offline synchronization, and even sync conflicts automatically. \n \n For developers building mobile... More information
Encapsulates the ODataHQ Core REST APIs and ODataHQ Query APIs to provide simplified access to supported account functionality. This assembly can be used in conjunction with the custom workspace SDK which is generated for each workspace in your account and contains concrete objects with represent... More information
App Service Helpers (ASH) makes it as easy as possible to add data storage and authentication to your mobile app with Microsoft's Azure App Service Platform. ASH was built with the mobile developer in mind, and requires no previous experience with backends as a service (BaaS). In just four lines of... More information