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SphinxConnector.NET is a fully asynchronous .NET client API for the Sphinx full-text search engine and its fork Manticore Search. It provides a fluent query API with object mapping capabilities that allows for an easy integration of Sphinx into your applications. After the installation,... More information
Full Text Search Query is a .NET class library that converts a user-friendly search term into a valid Microsoft SQL Server full-text-search query. The code attempts to gracefully handle all syntax cases that would cause SQL Server to generate an error. Now targeting .NET Standard 2.0 or .NET 5.0,... More information
GroupDocs.Search for .NET is a easy to use document search library which performs search operations over various file formats - DOC, XLS, PPT, ODP and many others. The search API allows to create search index with flexible settings with different requirements: quick and lightweight document search... More information