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This library contains useful database utilitity classes, functions and extension methods. ADO.NET wrapper specifically develop to help make life easy working with relational databases like SQLServer, MySql, PostgreSql, MariaDB, Oracle and stored procedures. LiteXDbHelper is simple... More information
Library to to simplify SQL database interactions. You will have tools like dlookup(), dmin(), dmax(), etc. This library is made for those who use Access VBA and use this functions. ExcecuteReader<T>() and ExecuteNonReader() are available in order to fill a strong typed class list from a sql query.... More information
This is a tiny library helps write less code, to execute queries and stored procedures against SQL Server as like any normal CLR method. It is just written for the purpose to bring a new level of ease to the developers who deal with ADO.NET for data access. LiteXDbHelper is simple... More information