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The common database reader includes: NCBI genbank reader NCBI gff/PTT feature sites document reader KEGG DBGET/LinkDB/BriteText/SSDB rest API MetaCyc database parser Common Fasta sequence database I/O DOOR database reader etc.
This library provides the NCBI blast+ output parser and some data analysis API, like SBH, BBH, venn diagram analysis. This package also provides a batch schedule extension for the large scale localblast alignment parallel task in multiple localblast process. project source code can be download from... More information
.NET Bio is an open source bioinformatics/genomics library for .NET Standard 2.0 that is designed to enable simple loading, saving and analysis of biological data. It includes several common parsers as well as a variety of algorithms for pairwise/multiple alignment and assembly operations.
BioFSharp aims to be a user-friendly library for Bioinformatics written in F#. This is the core package that contains optimized biological datastructures (For example aminoacdis, nucleotides, and sequences consisting of them) and core bioinformatic algorithms (such as alignments or pattern search).... More information
BioFSharp.BioContainers gives you the possibility to leverage containerized applications without leaving you F# environment. We build on the fondation of Docker.DotNet to programmatically access the the REST API on top of the docker daemon. We provide special functions to use with... More information