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Nepali Date Converter helps to convert Nepali date to equivalent English date and vice versa. Here is implementation details. https://github.com/janaks09/NepaliDateConverter/blob/master/README.md
Converts Nepali(BS) date to English(AD) date and vice versa with formatting. + Nepali Month, Day and Number tools (For UWP) How To Use? Read this documentation https://github.com/ersuman/NepaliDateTool.UWP/blob/master/README.md
C# Library, build using .Net Standard 2.0 (Compaitable with .Net Framework) -> Convert between Nepali date (Bikram Sambhat) and A.D. -> Create Nepali Calendar. -> General functions to translate numbers, week days, gender, currency, etc to Unicode Nepali and back to Ascii.
The IronOCR engine adds OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality to Web, Desktop, and Console applications. IronOCR reads Barcode and QR codes. Ocr Dictionaries in this package: * Nepali * NepaliBest * NepaliFast ==================================== C# & .NET मा नेपाली भाषा OCR। अनुकूलित... More information