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F# style discriminated unions or C#, using a custom type OneOf<T0, ... Tn> which holds a single value and has a .Match(...) method on it for exhaustive matching. Simple but powerful.
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  • Discriminated Union
Implementation of Discriminated Union and Pattern Matching in C#. string outputValue = x.Match<String>() .Case(c => c == "Test", v => "It's Test!") .Case(v => "It's Not Test!") .Else(() => "It's None!") or var x = new Union<string, int>(100); // the type annotations... More information
Provides extension methods to materialize query results while describing failures using discriminated unions. An `IQueryable` version of `OneOf.Linq`. This package is for Entity Framework Core. For an identical API on Entity Framework 6.x, see `FGS.Linq.Extensions.EntityFramework6`.