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Entity Framework Extensions extends your DbContext with high-performance bulk operations: BulkSaveChanges, BulkInsert, BulkUpdate, BulkDelete, BulkMerge, and more. Support: SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and more! Example: https://dotnetfiddle.net/awlJdf Benchmark:... More information
This client library enables client applications to perform bulk operations in Azure Cosmos DB for SQL, Gremlin and MongoDB APIs. The BulkImport module (supported for SQL, Gremlin and MongoDB API) provides functionality to bulk ingest documents with optimizations to maximally utilize the... More information
SqlBulkTools features an easy to use fluent interface for performing SQL operations in c#. Supports Bulk Insert, Update, Delete and Merge. Includes advanced features such as output identity, delete entities conditionally (for merging), exclude column(s) from update (for merging), single entity... More information