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The Syncfusion Essential PDF OCR is a .NET standard character recognition library that recognizes characters from both images and PDF in any .NET core application. Syncfusion OCRProcessor uses tesseract, one of most accurate OCR engines. Key features: • Converts scanned PDF to... More information
SimpleMarkdown provides basic helpers to generate Markdown from plain text. It handles all common Markdown elements. The package currently targets .NET Core 1.0+, .NET Standard 1.0+, and .NET Framework 4.5+. (There is no reason this could not also work with earlier versions of .NET. Simply download... More information
Abstract interface to implement any kind of cache service (e.g. Memory Cache, Redis Cache, Memcached, SQLite, HTTP Request Cache). It supports various cache providers and implements many advanced features. You can also write your own and extend it also extend existing providers. Easily... More information
LiteX.Cache is a InMemory caching based on on LiteX.Cache.Core and Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Memory. Small library for manage cache with InMemory. A quick setup for InMemory Caching. Wrapper library is just written for the purpose to bring a new level of ease to the developers who... More information