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An in process NoSQL database / document store for when you need a full managed solution.
C#/WinRT provides packaged WinRT projection support for the C# language. It is compatible with both .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET 5 and does not require any built-in knowledge of WinRT by the C# compiler.
Combined of all the CUAD library (CUFFT, CURAND, CUSPARSE, CUBLAS, CUSOLVE, NPP and NVRTC.) into one .NET Standard package. Please install package version which based in CUDA installation. Original author: https://kunzmi.github.io/managedCuda/ ManagedCuda combines Cuda's GPU computing power with the... More information
(Unofficial) Signed Crc32C.NET Library. The containing assembly was generated by signing the officially published Crc32C.NET.dll. Hardware-accelerated CRC-32C (Castagnoli) with super fast software fallback for .NET projects. Don't confuse with ordinary CRC-32. Automatically selects 32-bit or... More information
An out-of-the-box Web API for invoking database stored procedures, transforming the results as JSON, BSON, JSONP, XML, CSV, Excel xlsx, or any text generated by Razor dynamic template. Please visit https://github.com/DataBooster/DbWebApi for detail.