Microsoft.OpenApi.Kiota 1.7.0-preview.202309210001

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.NET 7.0
This is a prerelease version of Microsoft.OpenApi.Kiota.
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dotnet tool install --global Microsoft.OpenApi.Kiota --version 1.7.0-preview.202309210001
This package contains a .NET tool you can call from the shell/command line.
dotnet new tool-manifest # if you are setting up this repo
dotnet tool install --local Microsoft.OpenApi.Kiota --version 1.7.0-preview.202309210001
This package contains a .NET tool you can call from the shell/command line.
#tool dotnet:?package=Microsoft.OpenApi.Kiota&version=1.7.0-preview.202309210001&prerelease
nuke :add-package Microsoft.OpenApi.Kiota --version 1.7.0-preview.202309210001


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Kiota is a command line tool for generating an API client to call any OpenAPI described API you are interested in. The goal is to eliminate the need to take a dependency on a different API SDK for every API that you need to call. Kiota API clients provide a strongly typed experience with all the features you expect from a high quality API SDK, but without having to learn a new library for every HTTP API.

This library builds on top of the Microsoft.OpenAPI.NET library to ensure comprehensive support for APIs that use OpenAPI descriptions. One of the goals of the project is to provide the best code generator support possible for OpenAPI and JSON Schema features. The conceptual documentation describes how kiota works and the high level concepts, this readme documents how to get started with Kiota.

Getting started

Generating SDKs

  1. Install required tools and dependencies. (refer to the Supported Languages table under the Required tools & dependencies column)
  2. Get Kiota using one of the available options.
  3. Generate your API client, checkout the Parameters reference for the different options.
  4. Start calling your API using your fluent API Client.

Supported languages

The following table provides an overview of the languages supported by Kiota and the progress in the implementation of the different components.

Language Generation Abstractions Serialization Authentication HTTP Required tools & dependencies
CSharp FORM, JSON, MULTIPART, TEXT Anonymous, API Key, Azure link
Go FORM, JSON, MULTIPART, TEXT Anonymous, API Key, Azure link
Java FORM, JSON, MULTIPART, TEXT Anonymous, API Key, Azure link
PHP JSON, ❌ FORM, ❌ MULTIPART, TEXT Anonymous, ✔️ PHP League link
Python ❌ FORM, JSON, ❌ MULTIPART, TEXT Anonymous, Azure link
Ruby ❌ FORM, JSON, ❌ MULTIPART, ❌ TEXT Anonymous, ✔️ OAuth2 link
CLI (see CSharp) + (see CSharp) (see CSharp) (see CSharp) link
Swift ❌ FORM, ❌ JSON, ❌ FORM, ❌ TEXT Anonymous, ❌ Azure
TypeScript/JavaScript FORM, JSON, MULTIPART, TEXT Anonymous, API Key, Azure link

Legend: ✔ → in preview, ❌ → not started, ▶ → in progress.

Parameters reference

Parameters are documented here.


Make sure you install the pre-requisites first. If you are using Visual Studio Code as your IDE, the launch.json file already contains the configuration to run Kiota. By default this configuration will use the openApiDocs/v1.0/Mail.yml under the PowerShell repository as the OpenAPI to generate an SDK for. By default this configuration will output the generated files in a graphdotnetv4|graphjavav4|graphtypescriptv4 folder located in the parent folder this repository is cloned in.

Selecting the language you want to generate an API client for in the Visual Studio Debug tab and hitting F5 will automatically build, start, and attach the debugging process to Kiota.


You can find samples of clients generated with Kiota in the Kiota samples repository.

An example of an application that is calling multiple API can be found in the KiotaApp repo


This project welcomes contributions and suggestions. Most contributions require you to agree to a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) declaring that you have the right to, and actually do, grant us the rights to use your contribution. For details, visit

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Version Downloads Last updated
1.9.0-preview.202311300001 43 11/30/2023
1.9.0-preview.202311230001 57 11/23/2023
1.9.0-preview.202311160001 56 11/16/2023
1.8.2 7,633 11/8/2023
1.8.1 2,586 11/2/2023
1.8.0 365 11/2/2023
1.8.0-preview.202310260001 84 10/26/2023
1.8.0-preview.202310190001 49 10/19/2023
1.8.0-preview.202310120001 57 10/12/2023
1.7.0 9,878 10/5/2023
1.7.0-preview.202309280001 53 9/28/2023
1.7.0-preview.202309210001 57 9/21/2023
1.6.1 10,140 9/11/2023
1.6.0-preview.202309070001 60 9/7/2023
1.6.0-preview.202308310001 77 8/31/2023
1.6.0-preview.202308240001 74 8/24/2023
1.5.1 9,550 8/9/2023
1.5.0 2,000 8/4/2023
1.5.0-preview.202308030001 77 8/3/2023
1.5.0-preview.202307270001 76 7/27/2023
1.5.0-preview.202307200001 3,158 7/20/2023
1.5.0-preview.202307170006 77 7/17/2023
1.4.0 8,353 7/10/2023
1.4.0-preview.202307140002 66 7/14/2023
1.4.0-preview.202307140001 70 7/14/2023
1.4.0-preview.202307130012 69 7/13/2023
1.4.0-preview.202307130004 73 7/13/2023
1.4.0-preview.202307130003 73 7/13/2023
1.3.0 10,944 6/9/2023
1.2.1 6,176 5/17/2023
1.2.0 2,385 5/4/2023
1.1.3 13,581 4/18/2023
1.1.2 397 4/17/2023
1.1.1 2,905 4/5/2023
1.1.0 212 4/5/2023
1.0.1 8,754 3/9/2023
1.0.0 195 3/9/2023
0.11.1-preview 6,687 2/13/2023
0.11.0-preview 1,480 2/7/2023
0.10.0-preview 2,758 1/4/2023
0.9.0-preview 215 12/19/2022
0.8.3-preview 220 12/1/2022
0.7.1-preview 184 11/1/2022
0.6.0-preview 180 10/7/2022
0.5.1-preview 199 9/9/2022
0.5.0-preview 176 9/8/2022
0.4.0-preview 192 8/18/2022
0.3.0-preview 252 7/8/2022
0.2.1-preview 265 5/30/2022
0.2.0-preview 208 5/24/2022
0.1.3-preview 195 5/9/2022
0.1.2-preview 208 5/9/2022
0.1.1-preview 171 5/6/2022
0.1.0-preview 215 5/5/2022