Provides an NHibernate driver that uses the Microsoft Transient Fault Handling library to allow for reliable SQL Azure connections. Unlike NHibernate.SqlAzure, this library doesn't come with TransientFaultHandling IL-merged - instead it's a NuGet dependency.
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Shared library to transparently handle the encryption for properties on data entities, used by ORM specific implementations.
A simple library to allow you to render emails using the Razor view engine outside of an ASP.MVC application. This is an unofficial preview release built against the latest ActionMailer.Standalone source control branch, which adds many additional features and fixes not present in... More information
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MSBuild target to statically compile .cshtml files on build of your project and then provide the code to render them at runtime.
This library extends the Windows Azure Storage library by Microsoft with a set of services and repositories as well as a factory that makes it easy to dependency inject any Azure Storage calls into your code. It removes a lot of the repetitive code that you would otherwise need to write again and... More information