This package is intended to allow the SQLite.Net-PCL Nuget package from Øystein Krog, to be still functionnal with "Android N" with a modified Android Platform provider, since there is no update from this package at the moment. Just replace all your "SQLitePlatformAndroid" objects with... More information
A Xamarin CustomRenderer that render Icon for TabbedPage for iOS & Android, using Icon property on child pages. Use IconTabbedPage class instead of TabbedPage class, and add the name of your static image resource on the "Icon" property of your childs pages, eg. "user_icon.png", and it will be... More information
Build mechanism for Blazor.Polyfill if you intend to emulate the module import and javascript isolation in your project. This package will create a transpiled version of your javascript modules with babel and webpack, that must be loaded for your older browsers support. This must be referenced in... More information