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KHQR is created for Retail Payment in Cambodia and cross-border payment within ASEAN countries. It only requires a single QR for receiving payment from any mobile apps including Bakong App, making QR payment simple for both customers and merchants in Cambodia.n For more detail spec please refer to... More information
Service Objects NCOA Live Libraries utilizing best practices with fail over configuration. This package will call the DOTS NCOA Live web service. This service will take an array addresses and name information and determine whether or not they are associated with any official change of address... More information
NBA Sharp is an unofficial .NET wrapper library for the public facing (but undocumented) NBA APIs. Currently in an early alpha status, the project is built on .NET 6.0. Note: This package and its author are not affiliated with the NBA or any NBA team.
The IronOCR engine adds OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality to Web, Desktop, and Console applications. IronOCR reads Barcode and QR codes. Ocr Dictionaries in this package: * Filipino * FilipinoBest * FilipinoFast This package installs IronOCR and also Filipino support including: *... More information