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You can use this nuget in the following scenarios: * The class MMEncryptionTripleDES was added * Encrypt and Decrypt Data using the algorithm Triple Des. * Generate a 128 Key to encrypt data. * Encrypt and Decrypt Data based in a Key. * The clase DTExtensions was... More information
ConsoleHelper makes it easy to make lists in a console application. Use keys for up and down and typing text for highlighting.
LargeList is an implementation of Collection<> and List<> that can hold a number of elements limited only by the available memory, tested up to 8 billions.
LINQ overloads. SelectRecursive SelectAncestors Add Remove AddRange Concat CrossJoin Distinct DistinctMany Except FirstWithClearException SingleOrDefaultWithClearException SingleWithClearException ForEach IndexOf TryGetIndexOf MinOrDefault MaxOrDefault PeekOrDefault PopOrDefault Product RemoveFirst... More information
This library provides a special type of List<T> that can be used to create dynamic lists in ASP.NET MVC views, i.e. lists where the user can click "add new item" and the server renders a new list item using Ajax.