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CloudCherry Customer Journey Feedback CX Survey Analytics One click .NET API drop-in for data analytics solution to integrate real-time acquisition of CX data from customers, using multiple channels(mobile, tablet, paper, QR code, email, website, kiosk) to acquire, engage and analyse Features : -... More information
Excel百万级(几百万亦可)数据导出与读取(仅针对xlsx文件) excel million level data export and read (only for xlsx files) 1.极低的内存占用,方便易用的方法,让Excel导出和读取更简单 2.支持.Net... More information
Finaquant Calcs is a commercial .NET library with (1) table-valued functions (Table Functions) and (2) Calculation Nodes and Networks (Calculation Engine). This free 30-day evaluation version comes with restricted table size (max 5000 rows). You may buy a permanent license with unlimited table... More information