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ThinkGeo.NauticalCharts works with both .NET Core(3.0 and above) and .NET Framework(4.6.2 and above). It is a layer extension to the ThinkGeo product line that provides the ability to render IHO (International Hydrograph Office) ENC 000 Files (S-57) on a map. The new ThinkGeo Nautical... More information
GdalS57 Wrapper is a .NET Framework wrapper to help with using the unmanaged GdalS57 library. International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) S-57 Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC) datasets are supported for read access. The S-57 driver module produces features for all S-57 features in the S-57... More information
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S57 Reader. Reads any s57 files such as IHO ENCs.