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A .NET 4 library to defend websites and web APIs against brute force and Denial-of-service attacks. .NET Core version also available. Features: * Protect login, registration, password reset pages against brute force and DOS attacks. * Block users from performing any action too many times. *... More information
Dos.ORM使用MySql数据库需要额外引用此库。 Dos.ORM于2009年发布、2015年正式开源,该组件已在大量成熟项目中应用。初期开发过程中参考了NBear与MySoft,吸取了他们的一些精华,加入新思想,后期参考EF的Lambda语法进行大量扩展。官方网站:https://www.itdos.com/dos/orm/index.html,交流Q群:60831381
A WebApp Site extension that allows you to open a command prompt / powershell window to all / any of the instances hosting your site. It also allows you to collect Mini and Full memory dumps of the process's running on any specific instance. It also supports profiling the process. All the data is... More information