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AsyncFixer helps developers in finding and correcting common async/await misuses (i.e., anti-patterns). It currently detects 5 common kinds of async/await misuses and fixes 3 of them via program transformations. AsyncFixer has been tested with thousands of open-source C# projects and successfully... More information
Analyzers for .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") - Validations of Composite Format String at compile-time. - Quick-fixes for Composite Format Strings. Requirement: - Vistual Studio 2015+ - .Net Framework 4.5+
Helpers & extensions for writing Roslyn analyzers and code fixes. This is a package with source files to avoid binary dependency for the analyzer. To work it requires dependency on TunnelVisionLabs.ReferenceAssemblyAnnotator <ItemGroup> <PackageDownload... More information