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A tool simular to gitprime.com or waydev.co to analyse a git repo and render a team dashboard. The dashboard can then be used to make data drive decisions about the team.
A developer console library implementing most of the features of Source Engine/Id-style commands and variables. It is designed to be compatible with Unity but is not dependent on it. See project page for usage.
This library enables working with .net as Java like programming code.
AdDeals, #1 independant SDK, helps Windows Store Developers monetize their UWP / Unity3D Apps & Games. You can increase your CPMs, revenues and reach up to 100% fill rate. Our SDK is GPDR-compliant and provides powerful and highly profitable Interstitial & Rewarded videos for Windows game & app... More information
Convert number words from different languages with Python, CSharp or Java API eg. three hundred and forty two to numbers (342) or vingt-et-un (21) or две целых три десятых (2.3).Word2Number-i18n convert number words (eg. twenty one) to numeric digits (21).