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Adds an improved version of the Send to Publish and Last Edit pages in Umbraco, as starting tabs. Also adds a welcome page where you can place the company name and logo. This package sets up the Dashboard in the Content Section of Umbraco. By default a Welcome page that has a logo and... More information
The Domain Manager package is a handy content dashboard item for viewing domains within an Umbraco application. It allows editors to view each domain, it's culture and which node the domain is associated to. The dashboard item also allows editors to remove domains too. This package is especially... More information
一个基于GRPC的简单微服务框架 1.服务注册和发现 2.服务自动负载均衡 3.服务端中件间(性能监控[日志],全局错误处理,手动熔断) 4.客户端中件间(认证,超时时间设置) 5.DashBoard(远程调用,手动熔断,日志输出控制) 6.Grpc CodeFirst
An ASP.NET MVC C# area that provides a dashboard and logviewer to ELMAH loggings on SQL Server. This package contains only sourcecode, no assemblies. It use d3 javascript library to draw chart. It is based on Arebis.Web.Mvc.ElmahDashboard
This is a plug-in dashboard that outputs a large amount of information about a web application's current state. This includes information about compilation options and extensions, the .NET version, server information and environment, the PHP environment, OS version information, paths, master and... More information