DeKreyConsulting.Templates.CompleteDotnetReactSpa 1.0.4

dotnet new install DeKreyConsulting.Templates.CompleteDotnetReactSpa::1.0.4                
This package contains a .NET Template Package you can call from the shell/command line.

Modern .NET Server + React with Vite

A web application starter with a Backend for Frontend built with .NET, with an OpenAPI file to define the API layer, along with a UI built with React and Vite.


  • MSBuild Tooling
    • Single command dotnet build to build server and UI
    • Single command dotnet test to run both backend and frontend tests
    • sln file for Visual Studio support
  • .NET Server
    • OpenAPI generation
    • OpenTelemetry setup
    • xUnit Tests
    • .env file support
  • UI
    • React via Vite
    • OpenAPI generation
    • Vitest setup
  • Docker
  • Code cleanliness
    • Editorconfig with dotnet format
    • eslint
    • prettier

See the generated for more details.

How to Use

Install the templates:

dotnet new install DeKreyConsulting.Templates.CompleteDotnetReactSpa

Use them:

# Create a full site including OpenAPI, Server, React front-end, and front-end
# OpenAPI client. Includes unit tests, pnpm, and dotnet build framework.
dotnet new dekreycompletereactapispa -n <new-solution-name>

# Creates a blank solution with .NET and pnpm build tooling.
dotnet new dekreymsbuildviteframework -n <new-solution-name>

# Create a new React UI project
dotnet new dekreymsbuildvitereact -n <ui-project-name> -N <npm-scope>

# Create a new TS project for use with the MSBuild Vite Framework
dotnet new dekreymsbuildmtslibrary -n <ui-project-name> -N <npm-scope>
  • net8.0

    • No dependencies.

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Version Downloads Last updated
1.0.4 148 5/3/2024
1.0.3 66 5/1/2024
1.0.2 90 4/25/2024
1.0.1 90 4/25/2024
1.0.0 111 3/31/2024