SteamStoreQuery is a simple library that allows you to search the Steam store and get listings for related games, including their price (USD), name, store link, image link, and app id. (Uses undocumented, not supported store endpoint)
This simple library allows you to programmatically query the Epic Games store front. The response is modeled similar to the output from their GraphQL API endpoint. Both sync and async calls are supported. See Github project for a sample project.
C# library for reading event data from StreamElements. Events include tips, subscriptions, hosts, followers, and cheers. All that is required is the JWT that is obtained when logged into StreamElements. DESIGNED FOR TWITCH INTEGRATIONS
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  • last updated 3/19/2021
  • Latest version: 1.0.0
C# .NET Standard package implementing all of Ethplorer's API's and modelling all of the responses include: GetLastBlock, GetTokenInfo, GetAddressInfo, GetTxInfo, GetTokenHistory, GetAddressHistory, GetAddressTransactions, GetTop, GetTopTokens, GetTopTokenHolders, GetTokenHistoryGrouped,... More information