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Amazon EC2 Container Service is a highly scalable, high performance container management service that supports Docker containers and allows you to easily run distributed applications on a managed cluster of Amazon EC2 instances.
  • 131,024 total downloads
  • last updated 9/28/2021
  • Latest version: 3.4.3
  • AWS Amazon Docker ECS
Amazon.ECS.Tools adds commands to the dotnet cli to deploy .NET Core applications to Amazon Elastic Container Service. For example to deploy an ASP.NET Core application from the command execute "dotnet ecs deploy-service" on the command line.
Amazon EC2 Container Service Client for the AWS SDK for C++. AWS SDK for C++ provides a modern C++ (version C++ 11 or later) interface for Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is meant to be performant and fully functioning with low- and high-level SDKs, while minimizing dependencies and providing platform... More information
Glader.Essentials provide basic essential .NET/C# development libraries for day-to-day development needs. The ECS library has basic Entity Component System Types.
  • 2,188 total downloads
  • last updated 10/31/2021
  • Latest version: 2.1.2
  • ecs
An entity-component-system (ECS) library for C#.
Komodo was spawned out of a desire to learn popular game engine design, like composition over inheritance and ECS. Komodo is an attempt at making an engine that places the developer first, providing simple control over 2D and 3D game development.
Notan by: Bxil
Not an ECS: a simple and fast library designed for real-time applications, persistence, and networking.