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此程序集已被更名作废。请搜索TouchSocket安装新版。 如果是旧项目,请在https://www.yuque.com/rrqm/touchsocket/731868ac242c91ba5d67a99869af2caa的指引下,修改项目。 如果想继续使用旧版,可以继续使用。说明文档可以加QQ群(234762506)获得pdf文件。亦或者发送“RRQMSocket v8.2说明文档”到邮箱505554090@qq.com
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When you request buffer of size N from `System.Buffers.MemoryPool<T>` returns `IMemoryOwner<T>` which can hold `Memory<T>` at least N elements. That proves to be a problem in some scenarios like passing serialized data back to your users. You need to pass them one more field: actual length of data.... More information