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ErrLog.IO is a .Net, Javascript and Game engine exception and error logging tool - collecting errors from your applications and providing developers with a full stack and environment output to help diagnose the cause of any .Net error. Learn more about Errlog.IO at https://www.errlog.io/
Universal date and time support. Parameter and value inspections. Fast thread-safe cache. Creation and verification of cryptographic salted hashes; fast; using RFC2898 instead of the insecure MD5. Date and time helpers. Enumeration type converter (not for PCL). Various extensions including... More information
Exceptions project contains base exception and typed exception that you can use in order to throw errors known to the domain. In a webapi, a handler will capture these errors and generate a formatted output.
Serialization of Exceptions project contains common classes for DTO purposes during exceptions serialization and deserialization in an exception handling. In case of a business error, the DTO BadRequestError reflect CoreException properties that can be displayed externally; in case of a system... More information