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We've added a new destination listener extension for ReflectInsight for sending message to SQL Server. This new destination listener extension is called ReflectSoftware.Insight.Listeners.SqlServer and allows you to send logging messages to SQL Server. Traditional simple text base logging frameworks... More information
Aspose.PSD for .NET provides extensive manipulation capabilities for PSD and PSB file formats without requiring Adobe Photoshop and entry level export capabilities for AI file format without requiring Adobe Illustrator. Aspose.PSD for .NET allows to create and edit the Photoshop files as well as... More information
We've added support for the Enterprise Library Logging adapter. This allows you to leverage your current investment in EntLib, but leverage the power and flexibility of the ReflectInsight Viewer. A special benefit in this extension as it will parse and display XML message in proper syntax. In order... More information
It is a Fay Logging facade for the Microsoft Enterprise Library Logging Application Block version 5. This facade provides a simple delegate logging API making logging easier, while helping to make sure any of the code required to generate a log message is not executed unless the logging level is... More information
Modified to take a multi-targeting approach so that it can be consumed from either .NET Standard 2.1 or by .NET Framework 4.7.2 or above. Automatically implements the tedious part of the .NET 4.5 EventSource class. Also automatically converts any interface to an ETW trace point. Wrap your interfaces... More information