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Decompile and Compile static methods helper package. Helper package related to other software on https://github.com/RoelofAnne/
Core features to compile LESS files to CSS. This is a project to port the hugely useful Less libary to the .NET world. It give variables, nested rules and operators to CSS. For more information about the original Less project see http://lesscss.org/ or http://github.com/dotless/dotless. For more... More information
Rxe by: slimmm
Rxe is a tool for developers using reflection and invoking methods, property read/write and constructors. Rxe precompiles these methods for each supported types so each call timing is very close to hard coded method invocation.
This is a tool to avoid repeated recompilation. The assemblies are cached along with compiler info. For full documentation visit http://github.com/dcalance/GSOC17