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*** Paquetería de prueba *** Actividad para realizar operaciones matemáticas básicas entre dos números (suma, resta, multiplicación y división). *** Trial Package *** Activity for making basic mathematical operations between two numbers (addition, substraction, multiplication and division)
A UiPath library to call the Klippa OCR API using a UiPath Activity. The Klippa OCR API provides real-time document extraction using OCR and Machine Learning, just send us the document and we provide you with the document content in a structured way to automate your document workflow.
Release notes0.1.3:Added New UiPath Activities LogonSSO, TreeItem_DoubleClick, Get Status Text. Changes: Login (Removed LoginWindowName Input-will be found automatically), Fixed bug for GetLabelText, Get_textBox_Value. Main Purpose: Automate SAP GUI Client using GUI Script, Ui Path Activities for... More information