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Nelibur is a message based web service framework on the pure WCF. Nelibur simplifies creating high-performance and message based web services and you certainly have all the power of the WCF
WFC behavior to log soap messages and headers with log4net only by configuration. No need to change you code. The logging will be done at info level. The package will add the behavior extention to your canfig, to use it on endpoint add: behaviorConfiguration="log4NetBehavior"
Evolution allows companies to integrate applications on a global scale without complex infrastructure or software. It enables developers to rapidly and cost-effectively transition existing Windows desktop applications to a service or API-based model. Whether you are an independent software vendor... More information
Detergent is a C# library providing a simple interface-based abstraction layer for implementing SOAP and REST Web services and it also contains a simplified MVC framework. The abstraction allows running Web applications either through HTTP handlers (through IIS) or HTTP listeners (as a... More information
Features * You get exact content of each request and response * Including any malformed requests and soap faults * It's applicable for both parties: web-services and clients * Easy start, no code modification needed - just put dll and adjust config file * Default handler just saves each request and... More information