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Netherum.Besu is the extended Web3 library for Besu. including the non-generic RPC API client methods to interact with the Java Ethereum Client (Besu) Admin, Debug, Miner, EEA, Clique, IBFT..
Nethereum.Web3Lite Ethereum Web3 Class Library (light browser version, with no reference to signing crypto libraries) to interact via RPC with an Ethereum client, for example geth. Including contract interaction, deployment, transaction, encoding / decoding and event filters
Nethereum Fx, a single package combining most of the main Nethereum libraries (Web3, ABI, Contracts, Accounts, Signers, RPC, WebSockets, IPC, RLP, HdWallet, Geth, Parity, Besu, Quorum, KeyStore, etc) and targetting: net5.0,netcoreapp3.1,netstandard2.0 and netstandard2.1
Nethereum Fx Lite, a single package that combining a small set of Nethereum libraries (for simple portability) not including crypto dependencies to be used with external signers (Web3, ABI, Contracts, RPC, RLP, ENS, ERC20, ERC721) and targetting: net5.0,netcoreapp3.1,netstandard2.0 and... More information