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Provides Core Functionality and Specifications in the form of Interfaces for Pipeline Modules of the Execution Engine in the LagoVista Devices, IoT and Home Automation Framework
  • 23,490 total downloads
  • last updated 7/19/2021
  • Latest version: 3.0.1524.953
  • IoT
Provides Middleware and services to request and store certificates from the Let's Encrypt service for ASP.NET Core applications
Provides Managers, Interfaces, Models and Repositories for Creating and Running Verifiers in the LagoVista IoT, Devices and Home Automation Frameworks.
  • 85,954 total downloads
  • last updated 6/17/2021
  • Latest version: 8.1.2106.1701
Gurux.Common class implements interfaces that are needed for Gurux Media components and Gurux Device Framework.