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Errordite receives all your application exceptions and groups together those that are the same - automatically or with rules you define. You then decide how to progress the errors. You can fix them, ignore them, or wait and see how often the error occurs. This is the general purpose .net client;... More information
Error Logging Filter and Route (ELFAR) for ASP.NET MVC was inspired by and based on the popular Error Logging Modules And Handlers (ELMAH) for ASP.NET utility. ELFAR retains the familiar ELMAH user interface but has been built to utilise the architecture of ASP.NET MVC.
EFxceptions is a .NET Standard library that captures the exceptions thrown by the EntityFramework from a SQL server and converts them into meaningful exceptions.
ErrLog.IO is a .Net and Javascript exception and error logging tool - collecting errors from your applications and providing developers with a full stack and environment output to help diagnose the cause of any .Net error. Learn more about Errlog.IO at https://www.errlog.io/