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Adds support for many of the new functions in ECMAScript 5 to downlevel browsers using the samples provided by Douglas Crockford in his "ECMAScript 5: The New Parts" talk.
JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.Node contains adapter `NodeJsEngine` (wrapper for the Jering.Javascript.NodeJS (https://github.com/JeringTech/Javascript.NodeJS) version 6.3.1). This package does not contain the `node.exe`. Therefore, you need to install the Node.js (https://nodejs.org) and add the... More information
Yet Another JSON parser Parse/write JSON/ECMAScript like content Features - unquoted property names - single / multi-line comments - trailing comma allowed for objects and arrays - single quoted strings - multi-line strings (by escaping new line characters) - unicode CodePoint escape -... More information