IP2Location.IPGeolocation 8.11.0

.NET 5.0 .NET Standard 2.0 .NET Framework 4.7.2
dotnet add package IP2Location.IPGeolocation --version 8.11.0
NuGet\Install-Package IP2Location.IPGeolocation -Version 8.11.0
This command is intended to be used within the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio, as it uses the NuGet module's version of Install-Package.
<PackageReference Include="IP2Location.IPGeolocation" Version="8.11.0" />
For projects that support PackageReference, copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package.
paket add IP2Location.IPGeolocation --version 8.11.0
#r "nuget: IP2Location.IPGeolocation, 8.11.0"
#r directive can be used in F# Interactive and Polyglot Notebooks. Copy this into the interactive tool or source code of the script to reference the package.
// Install IP2Location.IPGeolocation as a Cake Addin
#addin nuget:?package=IP2Location.IPGeolocation&version=8.11.0

// Install IP2Location.IPGeolocation as a Cake Tool
#tool nuget:?package=IP2Location.IPGeolocation&version=8.11.0

IP2Location IP Geolocation .NET Component

This IP Geolocation .NET component allows user to query an IP address for useful IP geolocation information such as the ISO3166 country code, country name, region or state, city, latitude and longitude, ZIP/Postal code, time zone, Internet Service Provider (ISP) or company name, domain name, net speed, area code, weather station code, weather station name, mobile country code (MCC), mobile network code (MNC) and carrier brand, elevation, usage type, address type, IAB category, district, autonomous system number (ASN) and autonomous system (AS). It lookup the IP address from IP2Location BIN Data file. This data file can be downloaded at

As an alternative, this geolocation component can also call the IP2Location Web Service. This requires an API key. If you don't have an existing API key, you can subscribe for one at the below:



Microsoft .NET 4.72 framework or later. Compatible with .NET Core 2.x/3.x SDK. Compatible with .NET 5/6/7.



Below are the parameters to set before using this class.

Parameter Name Description
IPDatabasePath Sets the IP2Location database path.
UseMemoryMappedFile Set to True to enable memory mapped file feature. This will increase query speed but require more memory. It is set to False by default.


Below are the methods supported in this class.

Method Name Description
Open(ByVal DBPath As String, Optional ByVal UseMMF As Boolean = False) Initialize component and preload BIN file.
IPQuery(ByVal _IPAddress As String) Query IP address. This method returns results in IP2Location.IPResult object.
Close() Destroy memory accessors & memory mapped file (only use in specific cases, otherwise don't use).

Result fields

Below are the result fields.

Field Name Description
IPAddress IP address.
IPNumber IP address in decimal format.
CountryShort Two-character country code based on ISO 3166.
CountryLong Country name based on ISO 3166.
Region Region or state name.
City City name.
Latitude City level latitude.
Longitude City level longitude.
ZIPCode ZIP code or postal code.
TimeZone Time zone in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
InternetServiceProvider Internet Service Provider (ISP) name.
DomainName Domain name associated to IP address range.
NetSpeed Internet connection speed <ul><li>(DIAL) Dial-up</li><li>(DSL) DSL/Cable</li><li>(COMP) Company/T1</li></ul>
IDDCode The IDD prefix to call the city from another country.
AreaCode A varying length number assigned to geographic areas for call between cities.
WeatherStationCode Special code to identify the nearest weather observation station.
WeatherStationName Name of the nearest weather observation station.
MCC Mobile country code.
MNC Mobile network code.
MobileBrand Mobile carrier brand.
Status Status code of query.
Elevation Average height of city above sea level in meters (m).
UsageType Usage type classification of ISP or company:<ul><li>(COM) Commercial</li><li>(ORG) Organization</li><li>(GOV) Government</li><li>(MIL) Military</li><li>(EDU) University/College/School</li><li>(LIB) Library</li><li>(CDN) Content Delivery Network</li><li>(ISP) Fixed Line ISP</li><li>(MOB) Mobile ISP</li><li>(DCH) Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit</li><li>(SES) Search Engine Spider</li><li>(RSV) Reserved</li></ul>
AddressType IP address types as defined in Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).<ul><li>(A) Anycast - One to the closest</li><li>(U) Unicast - One to one</li><li>(M) Multicast - One to multiple</li><li>(B) Broadcast - One to all</li></ul>
Category The domain category is based on IAB Tech Lab Content Taxonomy. These categories are comprised of Tier-1 and Tier-2 (if available) level categories widely used in services like advertising, Internet security and filtering appliances.
District The district name.
ASN Autonomous system number.
AS Autonomous system.

Status codes

Below are the status codes. |Code|Description| |---|---| |OK|The query has been successfully performed.| |EMPTY_IP_ADDRESS|The IP address is empty.| |INVALID_IP_ADDRESS|The format of the IP address is wrong.| |MISSING_FILE|The BIN file path is wrong or the BIN file is unreadable.| |IP_ADDRESS_NOT_FOUND|The IP address does not exists in the BIN file.| |IPV6_NOT_SUPPORTED|The BIN file does not contain IPv6 data.|


Dim oIPResult As New IP2Location.IPResult
Dim oIP2Location As New IP2Location.Component
	Dim strIPAddress = ""
	If strIPAddress.Trim <> "" Then
		oIPResult = oIP2Location.IPQuery(strIPAddress)
		Select Case oIPResult.Status
			Case "OK"
				Console.WriteLine("IP Address: " & oIPResult.IPAddress)
				Console.WriteLine("City: " & oIPResult.City)
				Console.WriteLine("Country Code: " & oIPResult.CountryShort)
				Console.WriteLine("Country Name: " & oIPResult.CountryLong)
				Console.WriteLine("Postal Code: " & oIPResult.ZipCode)
				Console.WriteLine("Domain Name: " & oIPResult.DomainName)
				Console.WriteLine("ISP Name: " & oIPResult.InternetServiceProvider)
				Console.WriteLine("Latitude: " & oIPResult.Latitude)
				Console.WriteLine("Longitude: " & oIPResult.Longitude)
				Console.WriteLine("Region: " & oIPResult.Region)
				Console.WriteLine("TimeZone: " & oIPResult.TimeZone)
				Console.WriteLine("NetSpeed: " & oIPResult.NetSpeed)
				Console.WriteLine("IDD Code: " & oIPResult.IDDCode)
				Console.WriteLine("Area Code: " & oIPResult.AreaCode)
				Console.WriteLine("Weather Station Code: " & oIPResult.WeatherStationCode)
				Console.WriteLine("Weather Station Name: " & oIPResult.WeatherStationName)
				Console.WriteLine("MCC: " & oIPResult.MCC)
				Console.WriteLine("MNC: " & oIPResult.MNC)
				Console.WriteLine("Mobile Brand: " & oIPResult.MobileBrand)
				Console.WriteLine("Elevation: " & oIPResult.Elevation)
				Console.WriteLine("Usage Type: " & oIPResult.UsageType)
				Console.WriteLine("Address Type: " & oIPResult.AddressType)
				Console.WriteLine("Category: " & oIPResult.Category)
				Console.WriteLine("District: " & oIPResult.District)
				Console.WriteLine("ASN: " & oIPResult.ASN)
				Console.WriteLine("AS: " & oIPResult.AS)
				Console.WriteLine("IP Address cannot be blank.")
				Console.WriteLine("Invalid IP Address.")
				Console.WriteLine("Invalid Database Path.")
		End Select
		Console.WriteLine("IP Address cannot be blank.")
	End If
Catch ex As Exception
	oIPResult = Nothing
	oIP2Location = Nothing
End Try



Below are the methods supported in this class.

Method Name Description
Open(ByVal APIKey As String, ByVal Package As String, ByVal Optional UseSSL As Boolean = True) Initialize component.
IPQuery(ByVal IP As String, ByVal Optional Language As String = "en") Query IP address. This method returns a JObject.
IPQuery(ByVal IP As String, ByVal AddOns() As String, ByVal Optional Language As String = "en") Query IP address and Addons. This method returns a JObject.
GetCredit() This method returns the web service credit balance in a JObject.

Below are the Addons supported in this class.

Addon Name Description
continent Returns continent code, name, hemispheres and translations.
country Returns country codes, country name, flag, capital, total area, population, currency info, language info, IDD, TLD and translations.
region Returns region code, name and translations.
city Returns city name and translations.
geotargeting Returns metro code based on the ZIP/postal code.
country_groupings Returns group acronyms and names.
time_zone_info Returns time zones, DST, GMT offset, sunrise and sunset.

Result fields

Below are the result fields.



Dim oIP2LocationWS As New IP2Location.ComponentWebService
	Dim strIPAddress = ""
	Dim strPackage = "WS25"
	Dim addOn() As String = {"continent", "country", "region", "city", "geotargeting", "country_groupings", "time_zone_info"}
	Dim strLang = "en"
	Dim boolSSL = True
	Dim myarr() As String

	oIP2LocationWS.Open(strAPIKey, strPackage, boolSSL)
	Dim myresult = oIP2LocationWS.IPQuery(strIPAddress, addOn, strLang)

	If myresult("response") Is Nothing Then
		' standard results
		Console.WriteLine("country_code: " & If(myresult("country_code") IsNot Nothing, myresult("country_code").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("country_name: " & If(myresult("country_name") IsNot Nothing, myresult("country_name").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("region_name: " & If(myresult("region_name") IsNot Nothing, myresult("region_name").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("city_name: " & If(myresult("city_name") IsNot Nothing, myresult("city_name").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("latitude: " & If(myresult("latitude") IsNot Nothing, myresult("latitude").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("longitude: " & If(myresult("longitude") IsNot Nothing, myresult("longitude").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("zip_code: " & If(myresult("zip_code") IsNot Nothing, myresult("zip_code").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("time_zone: " & If(myresult("time_zone") IsNot Nothing, myresult("time_zone").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("isp: " & If(myresult("isp") IsNot Nothing, myresult("isp").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("domain: " & If(myresult("domain") IsNot Nothing, myresult("domain").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("net_speed: " & If(myresult("net_speed") IsNot Nothing, myresult("net_speed").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("idd_code: " & If(myresult("idd_code") IsNot Nothing, myresult("idd_code").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("area_code: " & If(myresult("area_code") IsNot Nothing, myresult("area_code").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("weather_station_code: " & If(myresult("weather_station_code") IsNot Nothing, myresult("weather_station_code").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("weather_station_name: " & If(myresult("weather_station_name") IsNot Nothing, myresult("weather_station_name").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("mcc: " & If(myresult("mcc") IsNot Nothing, myresult("mcc").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("mnc: " & If(myresult("mnc") IsNot Nothing, myresult("mnc").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("mobile_brand: " & If(myresult("mobile_brand") IsNot Nothing, myresult("mobile_brand").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("elevation: " & If(myresult("elevation") IsNot Nothing, myresult("elevation").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("usage_type: " & If(myresult("usage_type") IsNot Nothing, myresult("usage_type").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("address_type: " & If(myresult("address_type") IsNot Nothing, myresult("address_type").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("category: " & If(myresult("category") IsNot Nothing, myresult("category").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("category_name: " & If(myresult("category_name") IsNot Nothing, myresult("category_name").ToString, ""))
		Console.WriteLine("credits_consumed: " & If(myresult("credits_consumed") IsNot Nothing, myresult("credits_consumed").ToString, ""))

		' continent addon
		If myresult("continent") IsNot Nothing Then
			Console.WriteLine("continent => name: " & myresult("continent")("name").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("continent => code: " & myresult("continent")("code").ToString)
			myarr = myresult("continent")("hemisphere").ToObject(Of String())()
			Console.WriteLine("continent => hemisphere: " & String.Join(",", myarr))
			Console.WriteLine("continent => translations: " & myresult("continent")("translations")(strLang).ToString)
		End If

		' country addon
		If myresult("country") IsNot Nothing Then
			Console.WriteLine("country => name: " & myresult("country")("name").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("country => alpha3_code: " & myresult("country")("alpha3_code").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("country => numeric_code: " & myresult("country")("numeric_code").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("country => demonym: " & myresult("country")("demonym").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("country => flag: " & myresult("country")("flag").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("country => capital: " & myresult("country")("capital").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("country => total_area: " & myresult("country")("total_area").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("country => population: " & myresult("country")("population").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("country => idd_code: " & myresult("country")("idd_code").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("country => tld: " & myresult("country")("tld").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("country => is_eu: " & myresult("country")("is_eu").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("country => translations: " & myresult("country")("translations")(strLang).ToString)

			Console.WriteLine("country => currency => code: " & myresult("country")("currency")("code").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("country => currency => name: " & myresult("country")("currency")("name").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("country => currency => symbol: " & myresult("country")("currency")("symbol").ToString)

			Console.WriteLine("country => language => code: " & myresult("country")("language")("code").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("country => language => name: " & myresult("country")("language")("name").ToString)
		End If

		' region addon
		If myresult("region") IsNot Nothing Then
			Console.WriteLine("region => name: " & myresult("region")("name").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("region => code: " & myresult("region")("code").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("region => translations: " & myresult("region")("translations")(strLang).ToString)
		End If

		' city addon
		If myresult("city") IsNot Nothing Then
			Console.WriteLine("city => name: " & myresult("city")("name").ToString)
			' may not have translations for city names
			Console.WriteLine("city => translations: " & If(myresult("city")("translations").Count <> 0, myresult("city")("translations")(strLang).ToString, ""))
		End If

		' geotargeting addon
		If myresult("geotargeting") IsNot Nothing Then
			Console.WriteLine("geotargeting => metro: " & myresult("geotargeting")("metro").ToString)
		End If

		' country_groupings addon
		If myresult("country_groupings") IsNot Nothing Then
			If myresult("country_groupings").Count > 0 Then
				Dim x As Integer
				Dim max As Integer
				max = myresult("country_groupings").Count - 1
				For x = 0 To max
					Console.WriteLine("country_groupings => #" & x & " => acronym: " & myresult("country_groupings")(x)("acronym").ToString)
					Console.WriteLine("country_groupings => #" & x & " => name: " & myresult("country_groupings")(x)("name").ToString)
			End If
		End If

		' time_zone_info addon
		If myresult("time_zone_info") IsNot Nothing Then
			Console.WriteLine("time_zone_info => olson: " & myresult("time_zone_info")("olson").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("time_zone_info => current_time: " & myresult("time_zone_info")("current_time").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("time_zone_info => gmt_offset: " & myresult("time_zone_info")("gmt_offset").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("time_zone_info => is_dst: " & myresult("time_zone_info")("is_dst").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("time_zone_info => sunrise: " & myresult("time_zone_info")("sunrise").ToString)
			Console.WriteLine("time_zone_info => sunset: " & myresult("time_zone_info")("sunset").ToString)
		End If
		Console.WriteLine("Error: " & myresult("response").ToString)
	End If

	myresult = oIP2LocationWS.GetCredit()

	If myresult("response") IsNot Nothing Then
		Console.WriteLine("Credit balance: " & myresult("response").ToString)
	End If
Catch ex As Exception
	oIP2LocationWS = Nothing
End Try



Below are the methods supported in this class.

Method Name Description
IsIPv4(ByVal IP As String) As Boolean Returns true if string contains an IPv4 address. Otherwise false.
IsIPv6(ByVal IP As String) As Boolean Returns true if string contains an IPv6 address. Otherwise false.
IPv4ToDecimal(ByVal IP As String) As BigInteger Returns the IP number for an IPv4 address.
IPv6ToDecimal(ByVal IP As String) As BigInteger Returns the IP number for an IPv6 address.
DecimalToIPv4(ByVal IPNum As BigInteger) As String Returns the IPv4 address for the supplied IP number.
DecimalToIPv6(ByVal IPNum As BigInteger) As String Returns the IPv6 address for the supplied IP number.
CompressIPv6(ByVal IP As String) As String Returns the IPv6 address in compressed form.
ExpandIPv6(ByVal IP As String) As String Returns the IPv6 address in expanded form.
IPv4ToCIDR(ByVal IPFrom As String, ByVal IPTo As String) As List(Of String) Returns a list of CIDR from the supplied IPv4 range.
IPv6ToCIDR(ByVal IPFrom As String, ByVal IPTo As String) As List(Of String) Returns a list of CIDR from the supplied IPv6 range.
CIDRToIPv4(ByVal CIDR As String) As (IPStart As String, IPEnd As String) Returns the IPv4 range from the supplied CIDR.
CIDRToIPv6(ByVal CIDR As String) As (IPStart As String, IPEnd As String) Returns the IPv6 range from the supplied CIDR.


Dim tools = New IP2Location.IPTools()

Console.WriteLine(String.Join(vbNewLine, tools.IPv4ToCIDR("", "")))
Console.WriteLine(String.Join(vbNewLine, tools.IPv6ToCIDR("2001:0DB8:1234:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000", "2001:0DB8:1234:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF")))
Dim stuff = tools.CIDRToIPv4("2002::1234:abcd:ffff:c0a8:101/64")
stuff = tools.CIDRToIPv6("2002::1234:abcd:ffff:c0a8:101/64")



Below are the methods supported in this class.

Method Name Description
Constructor(CSVFile) Expect a IP2Location Country Information CSV file. This database is free for download at https://www.ip2location.com/free/country-information|
GetCountryInfo(CountryCode) Returns the country information.
GetCountryInfo() Returns all countrys' information.


Dim cc = New IP2Location.Country("C:\myfolder\IP2LOCATION-COUNTRY-INFORMATION.CSV")
Dim records = cc.GetCountryInfo()
For Each x In records
	Console.WriteLine("country_code: " & x.country_code)
	Console.WriteLine("country_name: " & x.country_name)
	Console.WriteLine("country_alpha3_code: " & x.country_alpha3_code)
	Console.WriteLine("country_numeric_code: " & x.country_numeric_code)
	Console.WriteLine("capital: " & x.capital)
	Console.WriteLine("country_demonym: " & x.country_demonym)
	Console.WriteLine("total_area: " & x.total_area)
	Console.WriteLine("population: " & x.population)
	Console.WriteLine("idd_code: " & x.idd_code)
	Console.WriteLine("currency_code: " & x.currency_code)
	Console.WriteLine("currency_name: " & x.currency_name)
	Console.WriteLine("currency_symbol: " & x.currency_symbol)
	Console.WriteLine("lang_code: " & x.lang_code)
	Console.WriteLine("lang_name: " & x.lang_name)
	Console.WriteLine("cctld: " & x.cctld)
Dim record = cc.GetCountryInfo("US")
If record IsNot Nothing Then
	Console.WriteLine("country_code: " & record.country_code)
	Console.WriteLine("country_name: " & record.country_name)
	Console.WriteLine("country_alpha3_code: " & record.country_alpha3_code)
	Console.WriteLine("country_numeric_code: " & record.country_numeric_code)
	Console.WriteLine("capital: " & record.capital)
	Console.WriteLine("country_demonym: " & record.country_demonym)
	Console.WriteLine("total_area: " & record.total_area)
	Console.WriteLine("population: " & record.population)
	Console.WriteLine("idd_code: " & record.idd_code)
	Console.WriteLine("currency_code: " & record.currency_code)
	Console.WriteLine("currency_name: " & record.currency_name)
	Console.WriteLine("currency_symbol: " & record.currency_symbol)
	Console.WriteLine("lang_code: " & record.lang_code)
	Console.WriteLine("lang_name: " & record.lang_name)
	Console.WriteLine("cctld: " & record.cctld)
End If



Below are the methods supported in this class.

Method Name Description
Constructor(CSVFile) Expect a IP2Location ISO 3166-2 Subdivision Code CSV file. This database is free for download at https://www.ip2location.com/free/iso3166-2|
GetRegionCode(CountryCode, RegionName) Returns the region code for the supplied country code and region name.


Dim reg = New IP2Location.Region("C:\myfolder\IP2LOCATION-ISO3166-2.CSV")
Dim regioncode = reg.GetRegionCode("US", "California")
Product Compatible and additional computed target framework versions.
.NET net5.0 is compatible.  net5.0-windows was computed.  net6.0 is compatible.  net6.0-android was computed.  net6.0-ios was computed.  net6.0-maccatalyst was computed.  net6.0-macos was computed.  net6.0-tvos was computed.  net6.0-windows was computed.  net7.0 is compatible.  net7.0-android was computed.  net7.0-ios was computed.  net7.0-maccatalyst was computed.  net7.0-macos was computed.  net7.0-tvos was computed.  net7.0-windows was computed. 
.NET Core netcoreapp2.0 was computed.  netcoreapp2.1 was computed.  netcoreapp2.2 was computed.  netcoreapp3.0 was computed.  netcoreapp3.1 was computed. 
.NET Standard netstandard2.0 is compatible.  netstandard2.1 was computed. 
.NET Framework net461 was computed.  net462 was computed.  net463 was computed.  net47 was computed.  net471 was computed.  net472 is compatible.  net48 is compatible.  net481 is compatible. 
MonoAndroid monoandroid was computed. 
MonoMac monomac was computed. 
MonoTouch monotouch was computed. 
Tizen tizen40 was computed.  tizen60 was computed. 
Xamarin.iOS xamarinios was computed. 
Xamarin.Mac xamarinmac was computed. 
Xamarin.TVOS xamarintvos was computed. 
Xamarin.WatchOS xamarinwatchos was computed. 
Compatible target framework(s)
Additional computed target framework(s)
Learn more about Target Frameworks and .NET Standard.

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Added support for district, autonomous system number (ASN) and autonomous system (AS).